The aim of this project is the creation of a Research Centre comprising in one single space different resources, documents and information about the migration memory from an economic, demographic, political and social point of view, in order to popularize and support its scientific study and research. It has been designed as a reference point for discoveries, exhibitions and living cultures.

The subject, the goals and the objectives are:

Collecting Oral Data: real stories on individual and collective experiences.

Presenting the migration history from every point of view, with its lights and darks, with its good and bad choices, showing both the integration processes and the difficulties encountered, as well as the public policies which may be welcoming, protectionist or inhumane.

Gathering, saving, valuing and giving access to the migration history, especially the one taking place during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Enhancement of the knowledge on the integration processes, avoiding the assimilation of immigrant and emigrant population.

Triggering evolution of our society towards openness, tolerance, new insights and open-mindness with regard to migrations and collective memory.

Contributing to the progress towards an intercultural society.

Contributing to the studies and analysis on alterophobia, racism and anti-racism.

Getting acquainted with migrant’s short and long stories about their lives and fates usually forgotten by History or removed from memory.

It is thought as an instructional resource for the continuous enhancement of the knowledge among cultures, thanks to the migrant’s contributions, helping us change traditional migration depictions, enhance social cohesion and strength the integration of foreign people.

Edition of information books and documents, promotion of instrumental training and support for other projects, setting up meetings for experience exchanging on integration policies and practices.

Publication of a journal on migration related topics.

Encouraging the fight against discrimination.

Promoting the information exchange and the implementation of European projects.

Working to recognize and enhance the role of migrants.

Developing and encouraging the creation of a network of associations and institutions pursuing similar objectives.

Involving in this project the “Casas de Aragón” abroad.

Ensuring the popularization of our task reaching the widest possible audience, enabling the spread and knowledge of the available resources, carrying out education tasks and initiatives to popularize the migration memory amongst a diverse audience.

Promoting the scientific study of the material gathered in our centre.

Undertaking, accepting and encouraging among our partners any kind of initiatives, activities and depictions in relation with these objectives, such as cultural and artistic expressions, public discussions, gathering and spread of information, research and studies…

Basing our task on the permanent interaction with society.

Collaborating with other migrant institutions.