A.-A Website
Our website is the main tool of this centre to popularize the achieved steps needed to fulfil this project. It will show interactive contents on migration culture and history.

B.- A Space- Museum
It is intended, by means of a permanent and some temporally exhibitions, to improve the knowledge and understanding of migrations and to arouse the interest in different cultures and ways of life.

C.-A Media Library
It is a public space where we can look for information and research into migration history, memory and culture. It is a working tool for researchers browsing our multi-media archives and our fictional works. It is addressed both to a wide audience and to experts, it contains several references and sources and on-line services with different contents: press, multi-media, film watching, interview listening, a reading room and a space specially designed for young people.

D.- A Network
The centre is designed both as a research facility and as a partner network, enabling the collective creation of the project. In order to enable and ensure its collective creation, the project is being shaped from a minimum premise at the same pace as the centre is developed.

This network aims to gather associations, politicians, universities, experts, professors, artists, and every social and economic factor in our society already involved, or eager to get involved, in migration related topics.

This network pursues the involvement of the above mentioned groups to create this centre, to collect data and resources, to develop our cultural programme (exhibitions, films, visual arts…), our academic programme (archives, lectures, periodicals…) as well as to enable the information exchange and the valuing and mobility of the achieved work.

E.- A Scientific and Pedagogical Project
This centre will take part in the discussion about curriculum contents and standards, in order to include migration subjects in the national curriculum contents.
Interdisciplinary Teacher Training Courses will be held at this centre.

The work of this centre aims to trigger the research and discussion on this field. We will work together with Universities, through cooperation agreements and research projects.

This centre will serve as an intermediary between experts and the general public, trying to popularize their research work, through the creation of mediation tools adapted to every specific target.

F.- Programme and Periodicals
An artistic and cultural programme besides the publication of research works and periodicals will support the scientific, cultural and pedagogical tasks developed in this center.